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Walkies in the District with Petra

Walkies in the District with Petra Posted on November 6, 2017Leave a comment

Walkies in the District with Petra – October 2017

It was a gorgeous October day (there was one, honest!) and I fancied a stroll down my local independent high street. Of course, I wanted to take my beloved pooch with me, so Petra (my 21-month-old Cockapoo) and I decided to investigate just how “dog friendly” Gloucester Road is.

The walk along the road was very pleasant as the pavements are nice and wide and there are plenty of litter bins (essential when walking a dog!). There were lots other dogs and owners around for us to stop and have a chat and a sniff. Any shops that don’t welcome dogs tend to have a clear sign on the door which is really helpful.

PETRA excited to be going to the District

Roxfords the Pet Shop is particularly welcoming – Petra loved being fussed over and given a treat while I browsed the bits and bobs that cover all your pet’s needs. They also have a water bowl outside which is very handy for a thirsty pooch. As I was feeling a bit thirsty myself I popped into Spicer and Cole a fab coffee shop on The Promenade stretch. Although Petra wasn’t allowed inside the café, there was a secure ring to attach her to outside while I went in and placed my order. We then sat at one of their outside tables and the lovely staff asked if we wanted a water bowl. Once that was produced, the waiter then stayed for a chat and to fuss over Petra which she enjoyed enormously! It’s useful to know that while some of the cafes don’t allow dogs inside, they are quite happy for them to sit in the outside seating areas so it’s worth asking. 

We wandered home via the picturesque St Andrew’s Park a couple of minutes off Gloucester Road where we met plenty of other dogs enjoying the sunshine and taking advantage of the space. It’s a lovely area for a dog to run and the play areas are clearly fenced off so well-behaved dogs can be off lead. Just look out for dropped sandwiches/ snacks if you have a scavenger hound! All in all this is a very dog friendly area. We’ll definitely be heading back for a stroll and a drink soon!

Shopping is exhausting!

Here are some places Petra felt very welcome!

Rocotillos - yes on the terrace
Reason - yes on a lead
Gallimaufry - yes on terrace. Inside ground floor only
Café Ronak - in garden
Bomboloni - outside terrace

The Grace – inside and outside
Totally Toys - yes with well behaved owners!
Grape & Grind - yes welcome dogs and have bags of treats!

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